Sacred Spaces

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Exhibition – Sacred Spaces

‘The Seed Quest’

Illustrations from the sequel to ‘Krienol Legend’ by Katherine Rudolph

The journey or quest is to the abodes, where the healing seeds are located. Each one is alight in its pyrimidal casque.


  1. ‘H’ The path from Gemini, the twins
  2. ‘L’ The path from Capricorn, the goat
  3. ‘F’ The path from Cancer, the crab
  4. ‘R’ The path from Taurus, the bull
  5. ‘T1) The path from Leo, the lion
  6. ‘V’ The path from Aries, the ram
  7. ‘T2) The path from Leo, the lion
  8. ‘N’ The path from Pisces, the fish
  9. ‘Ts’ The path from Libra, the balance
  10. ‘K’ The path from Sagittarius, The archer
  11. ‘B’ The path from Virgo, the virgin
  12. ‘S’ The path from Scorpio, the scorpion
  13. ‘M’ The path from Aquarius, the water bearer


These colour prints are from painted imaginations of geographical locations (like caves within hill-like structures) on various planets in the above constellations (the originals are in Melbourne.). They are formed out of colour and time-lapse photographic representations of the breath-stream (cloud of breath) emitted when speaking the above consonants. The journeys are from one sound to the next in a phantasy account.


In Creative Speech Rudolf Steiner speaks of the consonants, as abodes for the vowels, which would be like the beings inside.


Time: 9 July, 2012 – 15 July 2012

Place: Alice Springs Steiner School

Occasion: Annual National Conference

The Anthroposophical Society in Australia