Intervals by Katherine Rudolph



A Hexameter by Katherine Rudolph


There is a sequence of sound – engraved in the first Goetheanum.

Hear, as the interval’s ring, – ‘mankind will inherit the highest.’

Columns, that carry and hold – metamorphosis, meaning, and structure;

Manifest changes in world – evolution, from Saturn to Venus.

Flow and develop the seed – to fruition, forever in motion!

DAS ES – IT – Saturn – Prime – U – (German, as in ‘loom’)

Resting, as seed in its sounding – the Prime knows a mystery hidden

Deep in the realm of the source – like Saturn, it calls for completion.

AN ES – ON IT- SUN – Second – O

Yes, on the path it awakens – develops from primary grounding.

Just as the root and the seedling – stretch out of the brown earth in wonder,

So out of oneness emerges – the second, the Sun evolution;

Freely, it rings out the Quest – in its quickening pulse’s vibration.

IN ES – IN IT – Moon – Third – AH

Widening more into movement – it reaches the Third’s inner swinging.

Leaf after leaf lives in nature – the seedling is gaining effulgence.

Moon-like is intimate selfhood – in harmony with its own feeling;

ICH – I – Mars – Fourth – OE – (German, as in ‘hurt’)

Venturing in it grows smaller – and hardens to dwarf-like proportions.

Finally touching itself – does the Fourth pull its forces together,

As it turns inside out, – to orient and to refashion.

Mars-like, its testing of strength, – for the trial that is bound to be coming.

Closed, as a bud, yet it gathers – momentum to jump up much higher!

VOM ICH – FROM THE I – Mercury – Fifth – E – (German, as in ‘make’)

Taking the dare it ascends – to link up the past to the future

Human evolve to the Fifth – confront, face to face, new surroundings.

Present age of mankind! – ‘Now hearken and heal all the bloodshed;

Warfare and strife must be ended –for here in the earth evolution

Peace must prevail at the last – for such is the way of progression’

Mercury’s dialogue breathes – it exhales, heady fragrances forming.

AUS MIR – Out of My Selfhood – Jupiter – Sixth – IU – (German, as in ‘hue’)

Blossoming into the Sixth – it longs, in light-aether abounding,

Seeking the fire of fruition – and keening to know heaven’s answer,

Jupiter’s wisdom will give – all it has for the deed of becoming.

ICH IN ES – I WITHIN IT – Venus – Seventh – EE – (German, as in ‘seed’)

Burn in the fire of the spirit’ – sounds Venus, ‘for love is prevailing!

Sacrifice now to the Septime – and slough off the dross for the essence.’

New are the seeds, a new future, – transforming the human entirely!

Mood of the small Cupola – Vulcan – Octave – U – (German, as in ‘loom’)


Enter now into the realm – the small Cupola rings with the Octave.

Hearken and utter the Word. – Create in the space that’s provided

Chronicles ringing in sound – are recorded in colour and measure.

Vulcan will crown the creation – for the Octave transcends to the Godhead.

(See:Das Farbenwort,Hilde Raske, Freies Geistesleben,Stuttgart,1983,259-265)