The Grand-Prix Melbourne 2013 (a hexameter)

-Over the racetrack was heard / a rush and a roll and a roaring;

-‘Round came the ringing, like sirens/ were caught in the wind of a seashell.

-Roaring at speeds most ferocious / as they spanned o’er the fringe of a pulse beat,

-Howling inside of a whirlwind / like instruments made for alarming.

-Fans and fanatics were rooting / and drivers all focussed on winning;

-Never to waver from ‘centre’ / as determined as wild bulls stampeding,

-Controlled as the chariot drivers / who mastered their one-pointed journeys.

-‘Space’ : in a time-span of minutes, – to attain the much coveted trophy.

-SPEED: being set as ideal – and vanquishing all the opponents.