Hexameter Book Project

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To describe the book to be published in the next two months:

  • The title of the book is Hexameter in Story and Verse.
  • For the book, I have written or transcribed five stories of considerable length for children into Hexameter. Children’s stories in Hexameter have been literally non-existent. Evangeline by Longfellow has been about the only one relatively suitable for class 5 when it is given. Many paintings are to be seen in my children’s stories.
  • The old Masters, Homer Goethe, Longfellow, Yeats and Kingsley are in the second section.
  • Poetry and poetry in translation is also present, several of which I have done including the Metamorphoses of Plant and Animal by Goethe
  • Then there’s a section of essays about Speech and Drama and Anthroposophical Therapy.
  • Interspersed in the whole book are my paintings.

An estimation of the total cost is $4,500 with fomatting and self-publishing. I am asking for $500 from the Macpherson Trust.

I joined the Anthroposophical Society in 1976 and the First Class in 1986. I am committed in life and work to Anthroposophy.