Formative Force

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The Art of Colour

Colour as a Healing and Formative Force

Exhibition at the Christian Community, Hawthorn, Victoria


Gerard Wagner (1906 – 1999) was an English painter who spent his life in Dornach Switzerland. It was in Dornach, Switzerland at the Goetheanum that Wagner discovered Rudolf Steiner’s paintings and indications, which he had given for the development of a new artistic direction for many of the arts.

Gerard Wagner’s painting career spanned 70 years, during which time he taught at the Goetheanum Painting School, as well as giving courses abroad. He has exhibited his paintings world-wide. The works in this exhibition are not for sale.

These paintings are but a small selection from the Archives in Dornach .

Workshops on this method of discovering colour, given by Katherine Rudolph, are available in Melbourne.


In this Exhibition:


‘Parzifal’ ‘Metamorphosis’ Architypal Plant’ The Blue Plant’ ‘Earth’

‘The Eye and the Ear’ ‘The Madonna by the Lake’


Katherine Rudolph ( 1947- ) lived in America until she was 28. She then moved to Dornach, Switzerland to study Painting and Speech Formation. She remembers Gerard Wagner especially for his genius, his artistry, and his noble spirit.

Since her painting graduation in 1984 – ( Therapeutic Diploma 2001) she has been a resident of AU, and has lived in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, Switzerland, and England as well, developing the Art and Therapy of Painting and Speech Formation – (Diploma 1991 and Therapeutic Diploma 2001).

Katherine has taught painting, had exhibitions and given sessions in Australia, USA, Switerland, England, Poland, and Spain.

Her work in Melbourne since 2004 has been an artistic therapy which she calls Exploring the Word in Colour and Speech. Visit :

Her translation of Gerard Wagner’s The Art Of Colour is available upon request.


In this Exhibition :


‘Mother Earth’ ‘Burnum Burnum’ ‘Odyseus’ ‘Libran Abode’ ‘Arien Abode’

‘Capricornian Abode’ ‘T-Cross Leo’ ‘Red Owl plant’ ‘Quest in the Cliffside’


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