Exploring The Word

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Exploring the Word in Colour and Speech

Picture Imaging

Word Expression

Creating in Reciprocal Fashion

“Exploring the Word” is an anthroposophical approach to creative healing:

Temperament Management

Voice Versatility

Dramatic Expression

Therapeutic Speech

Communication in Art & Colour

Clay Modelling


Creative Imaging

Artistic creativity as present day therapy provides a spiritual source of inner activity, a touchstone for the human striving for balance.

Watercolour painting in flowing colour can be brought to a manifest station of the soul and those qualities that are inherent in it. In the course of this process universal archetypes and colour moods are called forth whose dynamic working together can be applied to gesture and drama.

In speech strengthening takes place directly through the breathing: soul pain becomes transformed. The strong upsurging stream of breath from the diaphragm is constantly gripped and released, awakening to placement in the forming of vowel and consonant (whole universal archetypes are related to the world of colour). Words are breathed in, and set free in space, time and rhythm.

Dramatic representations during the festival times can help bring a special element of healing. Speaking and singing together allows people with speech impediments to enter into the general atmosphere, and thereby ‘free up’ their speaking. Even ‘totally mute’ people may participate through the movement art of eurhythmy, in which sound and tone can be expressed in the whole human form.

Katherine Rudolph has worked in therapeutic and artistic, painting and colour work combined with formative speech in Australia and Europe. Her special interest links sound and poetic rhythm to colour and musical qualities in their dynamic relation to earth, water, fire and air.

Diplomas The London School of Speech Formation

The Dora Gutbrod School Basel

The Goetheanum Painting School

For Group Workshops Enrolment contact Katherine Rudolph on 0061 413 770 020 or email info@exploringtheword.com.au