Rudolf Steiner

Aries  ‘V’

SUN : Arise, O’ shining light  (AU)

VENUS :Lay hold of  becoming’s essence,  (Ah)

MERCURY : Grasp thou the weaving  forces,  (EE)

MARS : Ray forth, existence awakening.  (A)  

JUPITER : In opposition be thy winning,  (O)

SATURN : In stream of time thy waning,  (UU)

MOON : O’ shining light, abide !  (AYE)


Taurus  ‘R’

SUN : Grow bright, O’ gleam of  being,  (AU)

VENUS : Sense the strength of becoming,  (Ah)

MERCURY : Weave the living thread  (EE)

MARS : Into the process of world-existence,  (A)

JUPITER : Into thoughtful revelations,  (O)

SATURN : In shining awareness of existence.  (UU)

MOON : O’ lustre of being, appear !  (AYE)


Gemini  ‘H’

SUN : Disclose thyself, O’ Sun-being  (AU)

VENUS : Bring movement to the rest-impulse,  (Ah)

MERCURY : Embrace thou the striving urge  (EE)

MARS : To mighty life-mastery,   (A)

JUPITER : Rejoicing in world-comprehension,   (O)

SATURN : For fruitful ripening.  (UU)

MOON : O’ Sun-being, hearken !  (AYE)


Cancer  ‘F’

SUN : Thou restful gleam of light,  (AU)

VENUS : Generate living-warmth, (Ah)

MERCURY : Bring warmth to soul-life  (EE)

MARS : To strengthen  self-proving  (A)

JUPITER : To penetrate thyself with spirit   (O)

SATURN : In restful light-outstreaming.  (UU)

MOON : Thou beam of light, grow strong !  (AYE)


Leo  ‘T’, ‘Th’, ‘D’

SUN : Stream through with senses’ power  (AU)

VENUS : Having grown into world–existence,  (Ah)

MERCURY : Feeling essential being (EE) 

MARS : With willing resolve to be.  (A)

JUPITER : Glowing with life’s radiance,  (O)

SATURN :  Pervaded with growing pain,  (UU)

MOON : With sensing  power arise !  (AYE)


Virgo  ‘B’,’P’

SUN : Behold the worlds, O’ Soul !  (AU)

VENUS : May the soul experience worlds,  (Ah)

MERCURY : And the spirit understand the beings,  (EE)

MARS : Working out of living  forces,  (A)

JUPITER : To build through willing experience,  (O)

SATURN : Trusting in the blossoming of worlds ,  (UU)

MOON : O’ Soul, know the beings!  (AYE)


Libra  ‘Ts’, ‘Ch’

SUN : The worlds uphold the worlds,  (AU)

VENUS : In beings, does being experience itself,  (Ah)

MERCURY : In existence is the  fulfilment of existing,  (EE)

MARS : And being brings about it’s essence  (A)

JUPITER : To pour forth deeds of becoming,  (O)

SATURN : In restful world-enjoyment.  (UU)

MOON : O’ worlds, carry the worlds !  (AYE) 


Scorpio  ‘Z’, ‘S’

SUN : Existence consumes the essence,  (AU)

VENUS : Though in being existence lives on.  (Ah).

MERCURY : In action the process vanishes,(EE)

MARS : In becoming, the action perseveres. {A}

JUPITER : In the strife of world-mastery,  (O)

SATURN : In corrective self- reforming.  (UU)

MOON : The essence upholds the beings. (AYE) 

Saggitarius  ‘G’, ‘K’ 

SUN : Growth has attained being-power,  (AU)

VENUS : In the state of existence, growing power dies.  (Ah)

MERCURY : Attainment conquers the growing urge  (EE)

MARS : In wielding life’s will power.  (A)

JUPITER : In dying ripens world-mastery  (O)

SATURN : Forms disappear in the forming process.  (UU)

MOON : Let the existent  feel the state of existence ! (AYE)


Capricorn  ‘L’

SUN : Let the future rest upon the past.  (AU)

VENUS : Let the past feel the future  (Ah)

MERCURY : To strengthen the present existence.  (EE)

MARS : In inner life’s-resistance  (A)

JUPITER : Strengthen the awakening to world-being,  (O)

SATURN : May life’s growing-impulse blossom.  (UU)

MOON :  May the past support the future.   (AYE)


Aquaruis  ‘M’

SUN : May the bounded offer itself  up to the unbounded.  (Au)

VENUS : Let that which lacks boundaries   (Ah)

MERCURY : Set boundaries for itself  in the depths;  (EE)

MARS : May it rise up into the stream,  (A)

JUPITER : As a flowing self- controlled  wave,  (O)

SATURN : Shaping itself into being in its evolving.  (UU)

MOON : Set thyself boundaries, O’ boundless one.  (AYE)


Pisces  ‘N’

SUN : In what is lost, let loss be found,  (AU)

VENUS : In winning, let victory be lost,  (Ah)

MERCURY : In what is grasped let grasping seek for its essence  (EE)

MARS : And sustain itself in the act of sustaining.  (A)

JUPITER : Through becoming raised up to existence,  (O)

SATURN : Through existence interwoven with becoming,  (UU)

MOON : Let loss become a win for itself !  (AYE)


                                              Translation by Katherine Rudolph