Speech Chorus

Formative Speech

Spoken together

Allowing for each

To know one another;

Unite and awaken

In health and

In artistry.

Building a bridge

To serve


Choosing themes which relate to Universal and Social Realities, the group will attempt to speak through artistic rhythms and poetry of all ages.

Movement and Choreography will create a vessel for communication for

Experience shared


for the well-being of each with:



And Joy in

The Spoken Word!

Katherine Rudolph has been training the voice in artistic and therapeutic formative speech for over twenty years. Colour and tone shall also be interwoven in the presentations for private or public performances.



The London School of Speech Formation

The Dora Gutbrod School Basel

The Goetheanum Painting School

For more information please contact Katherine Rudolph on 0061 3 0413 770 020 or email info@exploringtheword.com.au