In the last ten years, our group has embarked on an enthusiastic study of the four Mystery Dramas by Rudolf Steiner. We are now finishing the second ’round’ which began with ‘The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily’ by J.W. Goethe and went on to the Mystery Dramas:‘The Portal of Initiation’, The Soul”s Probation’, The Guardian of the Threshold’, and ‘The Soul’s Awakening’ by Rudolf Steiner. A varying number of participants have met on the first and third Mondays of each month in the Michael Centre at Warranwood, here in the Melbourne area.

New members will now be meeting at Exploring the Word in Colour and Speech on Larissa Avenue, Ringwood Vic. 3134. Please call 0413 770 020.

Formative Speech Exercises given by Katherine Rudolph or Eurythmy given by Ingrid Kinloch have also played a part in the beginning half hour of each session. The rest of the evening has consisted of reading and discussion, with some demonstrations and character portrayal (We have done the reading mostly in German, because the group happens to be composed of people who speak or understand German. Others follow along with the English translation.)

We have also contemplated the paintings of Hermann Linde, illustrations of  J. W. Goethe’s ‘The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily’, and the shading technique of Assja Turgeniev as we progress. We have tried ‘becoming one’ with the characters.  We ‘became’ the old man with the lantern, the prince, or the beautiful lily etc..) We have sometimes have brought a colour experience to the scenes. Some very interesting results have been achieved!

Thanks to the many sources of our reference work, we have been able to glean understandings from which to enrich our own contemplations.  Such books as The Time is at Hand, by Paul M. Allen, the Contemplations of Hugo Reimann, and  Henry Collison, the research of Wilfried Hammacher, as well as two special evenings with Adrian Anderson, who wrote his doctorate on Dramatic Anthroposophy.

All of the support has been greatly appreciated. My training in speech and drama and painting, my memories of Dornach (especially of the participation in a Branch Mystery Drama Study Group, led by Ruth Dubach), and the active study and moral support of its members, have helped to enhance the treasure of this activity.

This is a continuing free-will endeavour, and considered to be rather a Study Group than a course.

Katherine Rudolph  May 2016

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