Presentation by Katherine Rudolph with exhibitions of art on the theme:

Transformative Moments of Consciousness at the Turning Point of Time

Music with Elaine Goodman and Easter songs and singing with Judy Clingan and the Wayfarers’ Choir


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Katherine Rudolph is active in Anthroposophical Speech and Art Therapy, (Exploring the Word in Colour and Speech). Her travels, trainings and research work have brought her back and forth from Australia, England and Switzerland. She works in the Melbourne Therapy Centre with children and adults, and with disabilities and acquired head injury clients in and around Melbourne. Since 1985, Katherine has given many exhibitions in Australia. The most recent one was in Sydney in September- October 2014.



We warmly welcome you to share this special event with us. Please bring some food to share for afternoon tea.

Date and time: Saturday 28th March, 2pm

Venue: Senior Resource Centre, Orana Steiner School