Katherine Rudolph – Dornach, January 2004

The poem is in the ancient Greek rhythm called hexameter and is beneficial to the breathing, bringing harmony and balance. (Please note the underlined which is the accents representing the longs of the long short short. (Dactylus) rhythm. The idea of reincarnation Is inherent in ‘Problem Solving’.

A Metamorphosis of Problem Solving* (the seed)

The Facts

(the roots)

The Thoughts (the leaves)

The Goals

(the flower)

The Ways and Means

(the fertilization)


(the fruit to new seed)

1. Many the problems involved in the realm of decisions and judgements

Many specific dilemmas appear, the confront individuals.

People, who have understanding, facilitate human relations.

Basically three types of questions arise for our consideration:

How to provide for each other, the needs of the one, and the many;

How to conceive and develop new impulses and apply talents.

How to respect rights of groups, and deal fairly with people’s intentions.

Motives are not always pure, so that selfishness, greed and ambition

Often impede growth of freedom, economy, spirit and justice.

Other dilemmas involve situations that newly approach us.

In all the regions of human endeavour we need transformation.

People who, speaking together, seek answers, and certain solutions.

Might well observe how the plant metamorphoses its generation –

How it proceeds to build up to a rhythmical process of growing.

2. Now let the seed of perception be kindled, becoming awakened

First to the facts of the matter, involving description and statements.

This is like stretching out roots, to discover which angles are offered.

What is the lay of the land? Do the facts all remain near the surface?

Must we research a bit deeper to penetrate all the dimensions?

In such a way do the questions, which may tend to cause consternation,

Live in a process of change, a methodical path of discovery.

3. Once all the facts have been gathered, an effort of will shall be needed.

Thoughts and ideas emerge, bearing light to continue the questing.

Mutual sharing of concepts and facts, can bring forth contemplation.

Certainly there’s a relation involving both giving and taking;

Just as the seedling can thrive by exchanging its balancing forces,

Constantly regenerating first roots, and then new growth of foliage.

Always go back to the roots, which evoke the new thoughts meant to ponder.

Once the ideas unfold, as the leaves’ round the theme of a question;

Balance begins to take place, like the burgeoning structure of plant life.

What are the qualities viewed? What patterns of thought are apparent?

Do they arise on one stem which may point to the needed solution?

Or do they branch out in tangents, like bushes, with various aspects.

Patience is needed, for not all the thoughts will eventually ripen.

Positive discrimination will weed out unthinkable error.

4.Following step after step, one arrives at the transformation.

Building up trains of clear thought, the right goal or objective approaches.

This is the budding solution, decision, or determination.

Burning to open the field, and to offer incentive for action.

Now, to unfold the ideals, and pursue the decision’s potential…

Doubts may appear, quite like rain clouds: can such high ideals become real?

Weather this downpour as well like a flower that blooms to effulgence;

Colourful after the rain, determined to live in the meadow!

5. Just as the petals spread out to reveal to the bee, sensing nectar,

Where it may centre its efforts, allowing the fertilization,

Action of nature’s survival – to follow its course to fruition;

So may a certain extension be needed to find ways and manners.

Technical means of assistance may help carry through the decision.

Then comes the moment of triumph the fruiting of composite efforts.

When one can say that the deed is accomplished; the problem’s been conquered.

Something new lives in the world for a working solution exists now;

Has been devised or invented to care for the problem’s recurrence –

Be it a law, or a system, a community plan or endeavour

Or a solution affecting an individual’s problem.

Root, leaf and flower, and fruit have provided an organized outlook,

Models from which to proceed to retrace the essential procedure.

6. Seeds are inherent in fruits; and recorded within their existence,

All of the steps are entailed which imprint their essential progression.

So, in the solving of problems, in each of those participating,

Mutual memory pictures exist, metamorphosing talents:

Faculties to do the research, have thoughts and arrive at decisions.

These, carried out to fruition can help evolve human existence.

*Inspired by: J W Goethe’s Metamorphosis of the Plant; Rudolf Steiner’s Threefold Social Order; Les Bos: Urteilbildung in Gruppen, Written by Katherine Rudolph