Festivals in the Southlands Part 4


All of the Festival times – have both inner and outer approaches.

Lands of the North can rejoice – for their seasons, their in-breath and out-breath

Are to be seen in accordance – with Nature’s own growing and wilting.

Lands of the South can develop – a sense for Zodiacal travel.

Seeing the Earth as a wholeness – in the intricate weavings of Nature.

Striving for deep understandings– of simultaneous giving.

How all the Archangelic – transference of ‘golden vessels’:

Nourishment, Healing, and Power-  of thought, and Movement are working

Wholly in heavenly union, – and earthly manifestations.


Part Four

Die and become in the service – of giving oneself for the other.

Impulses can then arise, – which are born of community striving.

Here we’re confronted by seedlings, – while the North is collecting the harvest.

Youthful emergence of thought – with enthusiastic responses

Helps us to have the courage – to set our ideas to drama.

Carry the new deeds to offer – them up for the greater fulfilment;

Widen the viewpoint in painting – from Cosmos to earthly progression;

All of our small contributions – mount up to an effort together,

Losing our fears in the process – of beginning to trust one another.


Now while the forces of dying – are felt in the northern Autumn,

We in the South can witness – the promise of Springtime’s first blossoms.

And in the Michaelmas time – lives the seeking for selfless endeavour,

Summoned to represent – Christ’s service to all of the humans.


Much fallow land can be nourished – renewing the soil for the planting,

Using the Biodynamics – to bring a rebirth to the earthlands,

Knowing travail in the act – of one, amidst all who are striving,

Flowing together in deed – while the rain washes over the paddocks.

That is the soil’s resurrection, – with thanks to occult preparations.

Christ is alive in the ethers, and seeds give their lives for the growing.

We in the South have a mission – in the course of the changing seasons.

Knowing the essence of absence, – we acknowledge the polarpresence.

Budding, the Rose, is now yearning, – to bloom  in the dawn of full flower!

–  Katherine Rudolph