The Festivals In The Southlands Part 3

In Hexameters

ALL of the Festival times — have both inner and outer approaches.

Lands of the North can rejoice, — for their seasons, their in-breath and out–breath

Are to be seen in accordance -— with nature’s own growing and wilting.

Lands of the South can develop—a sense for the life before birth–time.

Bountiful kingdoms of nature—are here as new life in the earth-womb.

Knowing Saint John’s Revelations , rejoice in Jerusalem’s promise.

Carry the inner cognition — in the spirit of human forbearance.

Winter’s soul-colour is garnished — with pink cheeks outside in the snowfields.

Human incarnadine graces — the soul-life’s expression in portraits.


Summer’s bright dreaming required—that the inner eye waken to see it.

Here, where we waken in mid-year—true dreaming shall open in artwork.

Phantasy leads us to wisdom—the wisdom and truth in the Christ-light.

Making truth visible offers—us challenge, reflecting Saint John’s Tide.

Spiritual Fire consumes—as our earthly deeds offer atonement,

Though now the physical warmth—at the hearth-side is part of our comfort!

Glowing warm coals are a picture;—consuming flames blossom bright orange,

Cleansing the black of the carbon, — the browns of the burning dry timber.

Fusion explodes with a crackle — thus leaving the purified ashes.

Starry worlds’ crystalline might—constellations that bear cosmic wisdom,

Guide us now into the night—as we grapple with life’s tribulations.

Seek for the seed that’s devine;—the treasure of Ego-hood opens,

What can be offered as service—shall meet and fulfil what is needed!


Justice, a question of morals,—and social-life learned from the colours.

Help to resolve our dilemmas,—if only we bridge the abysses.

No one can ‘go it alone’ — the Hierarchies constantly help us.

Dissonance finds its accord—as we learn how to broaden our viewpoints.

So that communities’ rainbow—brings promise of thinking together.

Archangels wait just beside us,—as Uriel’s spirit of conscience

Penetrates through our mistakes— that is — if we can only admit them,

Warming in soul at the Rose-fire—of deeds that are grounded in thought-life,

Letting the Lord of All Karma—now show us our destinies’ weaving

-Katherine Rudolph