Festivals In The Southlands Part 2


Katherine Rudolph

All of the Festival times – have both inner and outer approaches.

Lands of the North can rejoice – for their seasons, their in-breath and out-breath,

Are to be seen in accordance – with Nature’s own growing and wilting.

Lands of the South can develop – a sense of the life after dying;

Bountiful kingdoms of Nature – aren’t there as they were in the body:

Thanks to the meaning of Easter! – Rejoice in the joy of the Northlands.

Carry the inner cognition – in soul-life of colours respiring.

Paint now the colour of purple – deep into the yellow light shining:

Wood of the Cross thus arises – Adorn it with Roses resplendent.

Part Two

Lent of the abnegation – may penetrate all earthly matter.

Fasting for purification – makes ready the vessel receptive.

Yet not the promise of springtime – of Nature’s bright regeneration :

Rather, the droughts and charred branches – bereft of the green leaf’s effulgence

Greet us here deep in the Southwhere the Phoenix arises from ashes.

Lazarus! Strive to arise now. – Rise up and encounter life’s Glory!’

Here every one in the Southlands – may overcome death in Adonis.

Now disregarding decay – shall the forces of Michaelmas’ yearning

Help us unite in our faith – and prevail, as the new light is dawning.

Willing to rise out of sorrow – we’ll not accept all of the credit.

All of mankind would be withered – were it not for the deed of Golgotha.

Blossoms eternal now flourish; – in the cosmos are manifestations.

As we go into the evening; – bright. star-beams surround the South Cross.

Friends have departed; but midnight – still leads to a shimmering morning.

Harvest the hidden communion – of living and dead in one labour.

Painting the archetypal – in blossoms and plant-life, assuages

Burnt-out and desolate sorrow. – Colours surmount dead grey matter.

Balancing processes conquer; – the Christ-Will is breathing inside us.

Flower of Resurrection! – From calyx to larynx, it blossoms;

So let us sing and recite – in such feeling, the soul-pain disperses.

Praised be the power of forgiveness. – We witness the Christ’s Resurrection

In every deed that is selfless – in each living Rose of resurgence!