All of the Festival times – have both inner and outer approaches.

Lands of the North can rejoice – for their seasons, their in-breath and out-breath,

Are to be seen in accordance – with nature’s own growing and wilting.

Lands of the South can develop – a sense of the life after dying,

Bountiful kingdoms of nature – aren’t then as they were in the body.

Thanks to the meaning of Christmas! – Rejoice in the joy of the Northlands.

Carry the inner cognition – in the soul-life of colour’s respiring,

Painting the colours of Mary – imagine the process of nature.

Then, through the sacrifice, conscious – new thoughts and perceptions awaken.

Part One

Advent’s bright yellows of Summer – are sending me out from the centre,

Yet,’tis the Festival time – when the blue of the soul-womb is waxing.

Birth of the Christ-Child is nigh – and the victory of true light’s new dawning.

Let me then span the abyss. – In my striving I seek contemplation;

Delving deep into the night – I allow now, while breathing in colour,

Blue to unfold concentration. – Peripheral depths open inward.

Thus, while maintaining devotion, – a spark shall arise in the darkness!

Now I return to the daylight, – and perceive the ripe bushland at Christmas

More than the ‘physical’ blossom – is visible to my perception!’

Viewing the world, with such inner – enhancement may open the vision.

Seeing with eyes of the heart – includes all the earth’s elementals.

Since the first Easter, the Christ – is abounding in kingdoms of nature.

He can now permeate all – the core of our earthly existence.

So let the folk of the South – rejoice at the coming of Christmas.

Gnomes and undines of the rocks – and the streams, flying sylphs of the air-ways;

Brave salamanders now bearing – new seeds, may all help us awaken!

‘Christmas Bush’ is conceived – as a world celebration. It ripens,

‘Forming the fruit,’. and can also – partake in thebirth-celebration.

Humans and elementals – can rejoice in the Southlands together.

For at the ‘birth-time of Jesus’; – the ‘seed’ of all Fests yet to follow,

Started the process of forming, – redeeming the Earth’s evolution.

Fruitful the days! When the children – were born, the sons of two Marys.

by Katherine Rudolph