The following is an excerpt from ‘The Night-Peacock Eyes’, written in hexameter. The illustrations, painted by Katherine Rudolph relate to the story. These paintings are available for sale in print. All proceeds from the sale of these prints will contribute to the publishing of the book of ‘The Night-Peacock Eyes’, for cultural purposes. The book is currently awaiting funds for publishing at Immortal Books, PO Box 20, Murwillumbah, NSW, 2484, Please contact Katherine Rudolph on 0061 413 770 020 or email if you are interested in the purchase of any print or if you are interested in the remainder of the story.

Please click on any of the images below to view them in a larger format. Please note that these images are not always a true representation of the painting due to colour changes and lighting due to photography.

The Night-Peacock Eyes

‘…All the day long, while the sunlight shone deep and the old Hawthorn listened

Yearning to hear, those old tales were recounted from memory’s wellsprings.

Suddenly, at about five in the late afternoon, after silence:

“Right on the tip of my tongue there’s another I’m sure!” exclaimed Connie.

“Some kind of night flying moth – yes, the Peacock-Eye-mother-in-the-Ice-Age!

That is what Tasha once showed me; and she is still with them as always”.

Spark of the Peacock-Eyes! When we finally arrived at the castle,

Legends were told of brave deeds by the gnomes, and undines, and the sylphs too.

Natural spirits of fire helped, and Krienols of old herbal plant lore.

Tasha herself is a spirit of fire, a brave salamander!…’


More images will soon be available. They are currently at the publisher’s. Please contact us if you are interested in viewing them before they are posted onto this website.