The following is an excerpt from ‘The Five Finger Plant’, a story in hexameter. The illustrations, painted by Katherine Rudolph relate to the story. These paintings are available for sale in print. All proceeds from the sale of these prints will contribute to the publishing of the book of ‘The Five Finger Plant’ for cultural purposes. Please contact Katherine Rudolph on 0061 413 770 020 if you are interested in the purchase of any print or if you are interested in the remainder of the story.

All images are now available in a pop-up image, making it possible to view them in a larger format in more detail, simply by clicking on them. Please note that these images are not always a true representation of the painting due to colour changes and lighting due to photography.

The Five Finger Plant

‘…Watery earth full of herbs, that were pushing up growth — until I too

Sank a long root into the earth. I was sensing straight down to the centre,

Rising through leaves, speaking stems, through leaves like five-fingers I melted.

Sap flowed inside me and up ’til I felt I was bound to lose presence.

“Tell me undine tell me why am I here?” And with that it all started:

‘Here is a story you earth boy, about how one day we were creeping

Slowly along on the edge of a pathway, like always, so folks see

All our light yellowish blossoms, and pluck us to eat in a salad.

You can imagine the joy that we felt when a sunbeam bright shining,

Spread into rays and soon beamed down to shine, bearing news from the Castle.

Everyone knows of the Castle of Natural Wonders. Three seedlings,

Which grow together, wherever they’re needed for service by humans,

Krienols who picture the stories are guarding the towers of wisdom…’