This is an exercise for people who think they lack creativity.  One has to simply ‘scribble’ to get it going.

For the Lemniscates:

In a free-handed way, draw a continuous curve that crosses itself at intervals.  Keep it simple at first.  Then stop and look at the creation!  At intervals, lemniscates will have occurred.  Then, feeling a sense of balance, erase the extraneous lines and lemniscates until you have a pleasant form.  Now, using black, white, grey and one or two colours, if desired, make a design with colour inside, outside or around the curves.  Pastel colours allow a variety of possibilities.

For the Stars:

Following the same process, use straight lines and angles.  Five-pointed stars or partial stars come into being at intervals.  One has to look for balance and interesting combinations and patterns.  Then, continue in much the same way as above, with black and white and chosen colours.

This process is especially good for reintroducing colour after Class Seven, etc.  Clients who need to limit the use of colour to deal with emotional situations or schizophrenia can also benefit from the process.

Stars & Lemniscates 1.JPG

Stars 1

Stars & Lemniscates 2.png

Lemniscates 1

Stars & Lemniscates 3.png

Lemniscates 2

Stars & Lemniscates 4.png

Lemniscates 3


Stars & Lemniscates 5.png

Stars & Lemniscates 1

Stars & Lemniscates 6.png

Stars 2