The appearance of the Coloured Clay Work (which is my invention) has come in answer to therapeutic questions involving textures, problems with self-expression (autism), needs to develop small motor skills and to help in paraplegic cases where only limited movement of arms and hands was possible.  No doubt, it is also an art form in itself.

Geriatrics has also been involved, concerning an Altsheimer’s patient who needed to concentrate for prolonged periods of time (to strengthen the will). The process has also been carried out in a group-effort with the participation of varied geriatric patients.

Autistic children who need to express feeling within a structured picture-building experience, where a continued will effort is necessary, have been successfully involved in this work on a one-to-one basis.  Later, structured animal sculpture work has been implemented, where the child can begin expressing soul qualities through modelling animals with (self-drying clay), and then applying the colour and further forming techniques with the ‘coloured clay’ (which is plasticine).  Poetry and Formative Speech work can either precede or follow on this effort.

Many of the examples of this work have not been photographed, including a Nativity Scene, which appeared in 2004, at the time this work commenced.  In all cases an enjoyable time has been experienced, especially at the moment the piece is completed.  If needed, there is a ‘guided-therapy’; that is, the design is made by the therapist, and carried out by the client.  The colours can be mixed and darkened or lightened by kneading.  The cylinders, which make up the building process, can be  ‘rolled’ by clients who have the use of only one hand and arm.  The variety of colour causes the work to be expensive.  It is a test of patience as well, in how much care is needed to ‘knead’ the right colour. A marbled quality can also be desirable at times.  Assistance in forming and applying may or may not be needed, but the theme, the colours, the patience, and the feeling is always meant to express a therapeutic content for the client.

Coloured Clay Pictures can also be framed and hung. They can be used in murals. The considerable weight of the work must also be taken into consideration. Therefore prints and cards are often made and given to friends and relatives.

This work has been made available for all to see on the following pages Coloured Clay Pictures and Coloured Clay Sculpture.  Please respect the Copyright on this website.

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