Following will soon be an excerpt from ‘The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreuz’, by Valentin Andreae. The illustrations, painted by Katherine Rudolph relate to the story. These paintings are available for sale in print. All proceeds from the sale of these prints will contribute to the publishing of the book of ‘The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreuz’, for cultural purposes. The book is currently awaiting funds for publishing at Immortal Books, PO Box 20, Murwillumbah, NSW, 2484.

Please contact Katherine Rudolph on 0061 413 770 020 if you are interested in the purchase of any print or if you are interested in the remainder of the story.

Please click on any of the images, making it possible to view them in a larger format in more detail. Please note that these images are not always a true representation of the painting due to colour changes and lighting due to photography.

The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreuz




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These paintings were stolen in Sydney in March 2004. Anyone having knowledge of their whereabouts, please contact