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Exploring The Word in Colour and Speech

by Katherine Rudolph


A synthesis of Anthroposophical Speech and Painting Therapy

to work curatively to help you or your child to overcome:

Lisping and stuttering

Speech disturbances




Anorexia & Bulimia

Neurotic disorders





Psychological disturbances (fear, depression and psychosomatic disorders)

Trained in Australia, England and Switzerland in both artistic and therapeutic painting and formative speech, I have had over 20 years experience in helping people of all ages, especially primary and secondary school students who have speech disturbances or centring problems.

I work privately and in groups where there is a need for speech improvement, painting therapy and creative writing. Using speech exercises given by Rudolf Steiner, as well as movement and my own verses and songs. The approach is full of fantasy and inspiration created to fulfill individual needs. Epic, lyric and dramatic art are used as a basis to promote balance and understanding of rhythm, colour and grammar. Clay modelling of the Platonic Solids and biographical understanding through the colour wheel are also of interest to the secondary school level.

Paramedical Qualifications

Courses for teachers and free demonstrations available

I am willing to work before, after or during school at various venues.

Please contact me at my home office on 0061 413 770 020 or

Exploring The Word In Colour and Speech provides and facilitates a scope of poetic, artistic and therapeutic exercises using an anthroposophical approach. Dynamic speech, colour and movement oriented to the individual participant, allow interpretation of ideas which are designed to help with correcting problems involving speech and the flow of the participant’s artistic expression.

Writing related to colour images may also be involved and may possibly be recited and played, and creative writing exhibited to exemplify the method. Individual fluency of creativity augments the growth of community.


Exploring-The-Word-In-Colour-and-Speech seeks to promote well-being in the social sphere through specialized artistic activity for all age groups from Prep and Kindergarten to ripe old age. Enthusiastic and positive attitudes towards artistic and therapeutic problem solving through speech and colour favourably influence the growth and expression of the individual. Poetic, artistic and story-telling techniques evolve, finely attuned to each person in the therapy. Biographical processes are also dealt with artistically


Using artistic and therapeutic knowledge creatively, the practitioner weaves a story in words or gesture. During a process of movement in space, interspersed with poetry, speech, exercise reminiscent of Greek gymnastics, even picture images of the participants own making; a kind of moving scene is built-up which is beneficial to the well being of the individual. This provides a unique ‘grounding’ in the hectic pace of modern day life. Communication problems may be assuaged or disappear completely.

The participant then sees his creation and speaks it or even sings it, if desired. In a reciprocal manner he may already have a text or an image, which is brought on to the paper with the help of the above mentioned exercises, leading to the painting or colour (wax, pastels, mosaic) technique.

Coloured scarves and tunics may come into play for character and temperament development and metamorphosis. The forming forces in speech shaped into exercises given by Rudolf Steiner actually allow one to use the voice differently in response to thinking, feeling and willing. (see Addenda “Anthroposophical Therapeutic Speech”). Thus change and transformation can occur.

Current Position and Outlook

Over 35 years ago, a process of training and research began and gradually evolved into the current practice. Experience in art education, pedagogy, disabilities and adult education led to combining formative speech and water colour painting to evoke verbal response and fluency. At the present time, expansion and growth of this therapy will foster health and well being for those who are served by it. One to one private sessions will serve the individual. At the present time, the practitioner is a NEIS participant and a member of the Melbourne Therapy Centre in Warranwood, Victoria.


Poetic texts and original writing, speech exercises by Rudolf Steiner, creative writing exercises by Paul Matthews and movement sequences from Michael Chekov*, as well as colour painting, using sketches of Rudolf Steiner* and various painting techniques, provide a basis for the individual practitioner to conceive a therapeutic experience of unique quality for those participating.

Specially designed workshops are devoted to students of drama, school teachers, disabilities patients, artists, small groups with speech disturbances, even deaf and autistic groups of patients who wish to use visual stimulus to evoke speaking. Speaking texts in chorus can help to free individual expression.